IUSS Elections: results of the Belgian vote can be consulted here.

Belgian votes IUSS 2018

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To all soil-related companies: thé event of the year to meet future employees, scientists and fellow companies will be in Brussels: SOIL WORKS 2019 on January 28th. Register to participate or become our main sponsor and gain in visibility!

Stefaan Dondeyne explains us why he likes the organic matter in Phaeozems so much in the 'Soil of the month september'. Enjoy.

To our @Soil_Science #ECR members- this looks interesting!

*Brazil update* The final set of #soils in our toposequence: summit soils.

These soils were purely residual, having weathered from the underlying bedrock.

The soils contained thin argillics due to material loss by erosion. They were classified as Kanhapludult or Kanhapludalf.

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