IUSS Elections: results of the Belgian vote can be consulted here.

Belgian votes IUSS 2018

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The motivated team has gathered today and we're putting together a sparkling program! Not registered yet? Really?!

Last day of the @ISMC_News Conference! Great community, a lot at stake!

#Soil #joke of the day:
Q: Why does a soil scientist always travel by himself?
A: Because he’s a loam ranger.

Long term effect of #biochar in #soil for evaluating agronomical and environmental potential of this agro-tech via @universiteliege @AgroBioTech @ULiegeRecherche

Do you want to improve your #soil physics data? join the #SoPhie Workshop in #Gembloux @AgroBioTech @SarahGarre @martine_ploeg

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